Theory 1: Princess Doe is actually Diane Dye, a young girl missing from California.

Response: Law enforcement has conducted conclusive DNA testing and Diane Dye has been ruled out as a possible match for Princess Doe. This lead was widely publicized early in the investigation and that seems to be the reason that it persists today. Again, this has been confirmed with DNA. 

Theory 2: I watched ‘Psychic Detectives’ on TV and the killer of Princess Doe is already in prison for another homicide. 

Response: John Reese was convicted of killing another woman in nearby Belvidere, New Jersey but there is no evidence of a connection with Princess Doe. 

Theory 3: Princess Doe was a runaway that was known to work in Ocean City, Maryland.

Response: Law enforcement has investigated this claim and at this point the information is inconclusive. 

Theory 4: Princess Doe was a local prostitute that worked at the local truck-stop or other local business. 

Response: This is currently unsubstantiated. Nobody from the local area came forward to identify Princess Doe, on or off the record. It seems unlikely that not one single person would come forward if she was known in the area. 

Theory 5: Princess Doe was killed by a Blairstown Police officer and that is why the case was never solved. 

Response: This claim is completely unsubstantiated. There are retired local law enforcement officers who still follow and contribute to the case – even after 25 years. 

Theory 6: Princess Doe was the victim of serial killer John Klise, Henry Lee Lucas or Joel Rifkan. 

Response: Law enforcement is aware of these claims but did not find them to be credible so far. 

Theory 7: Princess Doe worked at an area camp. 

Response: This lead has been passed on to law enforcement. 

Theory 8: Princess Doe was killed by Arthur Kinlaw.

Response: This is the most current theory. Many of the facts fit the case and this theory has been explored on the “America’s Most Wanted” website. There are several NY Newsday articles that reference this theory that were published in 1999 and 2000. Mr. Kinlaw is already in prison for other crimes that he was convicted of. At this point, it is too early to verify this story.