Christie Leigh Napurano was born in 1982, just weeks before the discovery of Princess Doe’s body in Blairstown, NJ’s Cedar Ridge Cemetery.  While growing up and attending Blairstown Elementary School and North Warren Regional High School, Christie heard the tale of Princess Doe many times and it always haunted her.  After graduating from Syracuse University in 2004, Christie started a career in Public Relations, holding positions at Sound Communications and Rubenstein Communications in New York City and the Hoboken International Film Festival in New Jersey.  

Upon reading news articles in 2007 about the 25th anniversary of Princess Doe’s death, Christie became fascinated by the fact that after two and a half decades, Princess Doe’s identity still had not been discovered.  She wondered how it was possible that no one had ever claimed this girl or reported her missing; and was incredulous that after all this time, law enforcement was no closer to giving Princess Doe a much-deserved identity. 

In 2008, Christie moved to Los Angeles. It was in Southern California that she began writing “The Untold Story of Princess Doe”, taking nearly three years to develop the fictitious character of Julianne Martell and chronicle her sad and compelling story.  She hopes that the release of “The Untold Story of Princess Doe” will in some way help to bring justice and dignity to the mystery girl that was found in the Cedar Ridge Cemetery all those years ago, and maybe also provide hope for identifying other missing unidentified victims.

Christie currently resides in Hoboken, NJ.  “The Untold Story of Princess Doe” is her first novel.