Forty years ago, the bludgeoned body of a teenage girl was found in a cemetery in the rural farm town of Blairstown, New Jersey. Her untimely death captured the hearts of the townspeople, who dubbed her “Princess Doe”, and kept the rest of the nation on the edge of their seats waiting for a resolution that never came. To date, the case is still open, and Princess Doe remains as nameless and faceless as the day she was found. Who was she? And how did she end up here? Based on one of the saddest true unsolved crime stories in New Jersey’s history, “The Untold Story of Princess Doe” begins two years before the young girl’s untimely demise and discovery, creating a harrowing fictional account that gives a name and a story to a girl who has been anonymous for far too long.

Each year, hundreds of young girls go missing and are unaccounted for. This heartbreaking story is just one of many. Nearly forty years later, the question remains: Who is Princess Doe, and why has no one come forward to identify her?


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Who Is Princess Doe?

What is known about Princess Doe:

Discovery date of the body: Thursday, July 15th, 1982 ~ 8:00am

The body of Princess Doe was discovered by local cemetery maintenance workers on the
southeast corner of the cemetery, just over the steep bank that leads down to the creek
below. The cemetery has been modified and expanded over the years so the exact location is difficult to pin point. We have used a photo comparison from 1982 and present day to come up with an excellent idea of where the body was found. There is an aerial image on the maps page that provides a good level of detail for where the body was found as well as where Princess Doe’s grave is located. >>> More